Arctic Photographer: Shortlisted Finalist / by Harriet Dedman

I have been shortlisted for Aurora Expedition's "Official Arctic Photographer", being named as a top 5 finalist in their quest for adventure and expedition photography. Further details about the shortlisted photographers and the competition can be found here

My nominated image was taken last year in Cambodia, down in the Kampot salt fields, about a 3 hour drive south of Phnom Penh.

Salt has brought wealth to this province. With over a thousand hectares of salt fields, farmers and their families man the interconnected waterways. The fields were formerly controlled by the Khmer Rouge, and managed as socialist collectives. In today's new and free Cambodia, the fields have harvested significant wealth for their communities. Children now play here:  they no longer work. Salt has afforded schooling.  

"In the shadow of the salt flats". Shot on a Nikon D5100, with a 18-200mm lense (at 32mm) with an F-stop of 4.2. Shot with trigger lighting (ISO 100). The photograph was taken at 5.30pm on 12 July 2014.