Umbrella Revolution
  After 52 years of pitched conflict that claimed the lives of some 220,000 people (the majority civilians), displaced 7 million more, and saw families torn apart by thousands of kidnappings, Colombia’s historic transition to peace has stumbled, but remains on course.    As the peace deal is slowly implemented, around 6,300 former FARC guerrilla soldiers wait in 26  zonas veredales  — transitional camps — across the country.   Didier, 29, joined the FARC 10 years ago. “To have this life, I’ve made sacrifices,” he said. "I'm very good at shooting."  Dejación de Armas — the laying down of arms — forms part of the agreement on the bilateral and definitive ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, and provides for the handing over of FARC weapons to the United Nations. The UN will then proceed to use this weaponry to construct monuments to peace in Colombia, Havana and New York City.  “The weapons aren’t being given up as much as no longer being used. The struggle is now political. Politics need to be learned; they can’t be invented.”
Beneath these restless skies
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