Balinese Birthday / by Harriet Dedman

I turned 30 last week. Last Thursday, 13 of us headed over to Bali to welcome in the next decade, to swim, to surf and to gaze out to sea. 

We're still here. 5 people are currently sprawled around a rather indecent infinity pool. 3 others are eating Mahi-Mahi burgers, beachside at Swamis, Bingin's darling. 2 of the team are sweating it out in the gym. Ally's fallen asleep. Alex is planning our evening BBQ, and I'm plugged into some Emelie Sandé looking out over the white horses crashing in the middle distance. I'm also eating handfuls of Balinese peanuts.

Our villa is located on Bali's Bukit Peninsula, the area famed for its dramatic cliffs, waves and scores of surfers. Indonesia has long been my true South East Asian favourite - for her breadth, her people and her staggering natural beauty. I've spent a lot of time on 11 of her islands. Happily a further 18,296 remain to explore.