VICE News: Last days - April 18, 2017


After 52 years of pitched conflict that claimed the lives of some 220,000 people (the majority civilians), displaced 7 million more, and saw families torn apart by thousands of kidnappings, Colombia’s historic transition to peace has stumbled, but remains on course.

As the peace deal is slowly implemented, around 6,300 former FARC guerrilla soldiers wait in 26 zonas veredales — transitional camps — across the country.

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VICE News: Why do they join? - December 1, 2016


Shannon Conley was ready to travel to Syria. She had a ticket on United Airlines Flight 8879 departing Denver for Frankfurt, Germany, and would then travel to Adana, Turkey, on the afternoon of April 10, 2014. Once there, she would attempt to cross the Syrian border to meet up with the suitor she had met online.

He was a fighter for the Islamic State. She intended to fight alongside him.

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Slate: A Woman Alone - November 28, 2016


Athens, Greece - “My friends in Syria, they used to call me Abu Abdou,” says Zeina Al-Shamaly with a grin. “It means ‘tough guy,’ someone who is not afraid of anything.”

It was March when I first met Al-Shamaly, 32, as she sat cross-legged on a damp, matted blanket that had been donated by UNHCR, the U.N. refugee agency. Beneath the cheap gray fabric of her U.N.-issued tent was a synthetic swelter, as the spring temperatures steadily rose. Al-Shamaly’s tent was pitched in one corner of a small, grubby courtyard, a space she shared with more than 50 families. At the port of Piraeus in Athens, scores of other tents dotted the horizon.

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(c) Harriet Dedman 2016

(c) Harriet Dedman 2016

Smithsonian Magazine: Child refugees pose unique challenges for mental health practitioners - July 5, 2016


Thessaloniki, Greece - Last year, more than 1 million refugees—predominantly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq—made the journey to Europe by sea. A third of those were children.

For mental health professionals, these young refugees bring unique challenges. Fleeing conflict and war undoubtedly takes a deep psychological toll, but in the midst of an ongoing crisis, no one has yet assessed the full extent of what that toll is. And without a better understanding, physicians are struggling to treat this vulnerable population.

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The New Law Journal: A model consultation? Confidentiality and disclosure in public consultations

The New Law Journal: Between a rock and a hard place